The exciting updates from FunderPro just keep rolling in! We’re thrilled to unveil our latest feature: with our new add-on, you can bump your profit split from the standard 80/20 to a whopping 90/10. You put in the effort, and we believe you should reap the maximum benefits!  

How Does It Work? 

Here’s your concise guide on how to put the new add-on to work (it’s really not rocket science!): 

  1. Purchase the Add-on: When you buy any FunderPro Funded Account Challenge, simply tick the add-on from the checkout menu. 
  2. Enjoy Bigger Rewards: Once you earn your Funded Account, your daily payouts will be 90% of your profits instead of the standard 80%. 

Special Launch Offer: Grab the $150k Challenge at $200 Less! 

We’re on a roll, and we’ve got more good news for you. To celebrate the launch of this feature and last week’s new Challenge size, we’re offering the $150k challenge at the same price as our $100k challenge. That’s right! Save $200 and get it for just $549, instead of the regular $749. 

Example: Get the Most Out of This Promo 

If you get a $150k Challenge AND the 90/10 Profit Split add-on, you’ll still save $90$ on the regular $150k Challenge price with the regular 80/20 split. Talking about a deal… read the next paragraph.  

Why You Should Act Now 

The $150k challenge discount will only last until next Thursday, 26 October (23.59 GMT). That’s one week, don’t let this slip through your fingers!

Also remember these very cool perks: 

  • You will be collecting Raffle Tickets to win a free trip to the F1 & F2 finals in Abu Dhabi 
  • By inviting your friends to join using you affiliate link you can both earn Raffle Points and money 

Always Committed to Your Success 

Our aim at FunderPro has always been to support your trading endeavors. From offering significant discounts on resets and retries to rolling out features that amplify your earnings, we’re here for you every step of the way. 

Ready to become a FunderPro Trader! The best moment is now, buy a Funded Account Challenge today!

Important: the 90/10 profit split add-on is no longer available.