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Funded Account Evaluation

Dreaming of trading with unimaginable capital & no risk? Our Funded account evaluation program is built for traders to prove their skills with simplified targets.

Evaluation Process

Understand Our Evaluation Requirements

5% Daily Drawdown

Your daily loss should not exceed 5% of your current account size. For example, A $100,000 account should not incur a loss above $5,000. If you make a profit of $10,000 and your account is now $110,000, the allowed daily loss of 5% would be equal to $5,500. 

10% Overall Drawdown

Your overall drawdown, or the maximum allowed loss, should not exceed 10% of your account size at any given time. If you trade with a $100,000 account, you should not run into a total loss that would go over $10,000. 

Profit Target (10% & 8%)

The challenge is in two phases and the profit target is determined by the phase you are in. Phase one – hit a profit target of 10% of your account size (no time limit). Phase two – hit a profit target of 8% of your account size (no time limit). 

Consistency Rule

The Consistency Rule, applied only in Phase Two of the challenge, ensures a steady flow of profits and keeps you safe from taking on too much risk on any single trade. The rule simply states that no single-day profit should make up 60% or more of the total profit throughout the challenge.

Apply, Pass, Earn

Funding Process

Your goal is to prove your skills in 2 phases, and our goal is to help you achieve this by simplifying the evaluation process – that is exactly what we’ve done! Get funded with simple rules and no time limits.

Regular | 2-Phase
Swing | 2-Phase
Fast Track | 1-Phase
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* Forex 1:100; Metals, Oil, Indices 1:200; Crypto 1:100

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* Maximum lots at any given time: your open positions combined cannot exceed the maximum lots value.

** Forex 1:30; Metals, Oil, Indices 1:10; Stock 1:5; Crypto 1:1

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* Maximum lots at any given time: your open positions combined cannot exceed the maximum lots value.

** Standard: Forex 1:50; Metals, Oil, Indices 1:10; Stock 1:5; Crypto 1:2. With Add-On: Forex 1:100; Metals, Oil, Indices 1:20; Stock 1:10; Crypto 1:2

Funded Account Profit Share

Scale Your Account Up to $5,000,000

We aim to build long-lasting relationships and reward hard work. If you manage to remain consistent and profitable, you will be eligible for a 50% increase in your account balance every 3 months, up to the amount of $5 million.

Available on all accounts. Your balance will be increased by 50% every time you make a 10% profit for 3 consecutive months.
Signing Up

Get Started in Seconds

Choose Your Account
Once you have signed up you can purchase and choose your account from your dashboard.
Pass the Test
Once you pass the two phases and your results are verified, you will be offered OUR capital.
That's it
You're now a FunderPro trader. You will now trade on a LIVE STP trading account.
Frequently Asked Questions

For a full understanding of how our funded account works, check out our FAQs.

We've simplified the process. To become a Funded Trader, you will have to pass a 2-phase or a 1-phase Challenge.

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We will assess your account based on certain criteria and if all requirements are fulfilled your will receive your Funded Account.

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If you meet the conditions of our scaling plan we will increase your account balance by 50% every 3 month up to $5 million.

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The consistency rule measures your ability to make consistent profits while managing risk and only applies to the Verification phase.

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We are the only prop firm on the market that provides Funded Traders with a Live STP/ECN Account with real funds.

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We accept payment via cryptocurrency and all major cards.

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