Why should you wait weeks for payouts from your prop firm? The answer is simple: you shouldn’t. Let’s find out why. 

Prop firm payouts are becoming an increasingly poignant point of discussion in the trading industry. While it is true that prop trading firms allow users to access large capital and trade with less risk, traders need to face the fact that firms may not honor the payouts they owe. 

Furthermore, most firms make users wait a long time for their payouts, usually between 7 and 30 days. In our opinion, this is not reasonable, and it is symptom of a flawed business model. 

In this article we will explore the reasons why most firms make you wait for payouts, and how FunderPro solves this problem and delivers the fastest payouts in the world. 

How Do Prop Firm Payouts Work? 

When a funded trader requests a payout, the liquidity can come from two places: 

  • The real profits that the trader generates in the market 
  • The pockets of the prop firm itself 

Since most prop firms keep their funded customers in simulated environments and don’t send all their trades to market, in most cases payouts come from the treasury of the prop trading firm. 

FunderPro funded traders are given accounts that are connected to an STP/ECN broker that sends all trades to market. This creates real profits and the liquidity for FunderPro payouts is generated by the traders themselves. 

The Problem with Simulated Funded Accounts Payouts 

Simulated accounts are great. They allow you to practice your trading strategies with realistic conditions and no financial risk; they also allow prop firms to evaluate your trading skills before funding you. 

Unfortunately, simulated trading accounts are not great for payouts. Funded traders that trade with virtual funds don’t generate any real profits, so firms must pay them by dipping into the company’s pockets. Basically, if people stop buying and failing challenges, the firm is at high risk of collapse. 

In summary, virtual trading accounts are useful for the funded account challenge, but they are not a good business model once a trader becomes funded. 

The Power of Real Funds for Prop Firm Payouts 

Given what we learned about prop firms that “fund” with virtual capital, the next question to answer is: How can a company fund traders sustainably? 

This is what we have achieved at FunderPro, and what has allowed us to grow in the past year without any fear of insolvency. 

The most sustainable way of funding is one that is profitable for everyone, and it entails three main components that work in synergy: 

  1. Funded traders manage real funds, not virtual capital 
  2. The Funded Account Challenges select only the most deserving users 
  3. Everyone needs to have “skin in the game” 

Real Funds, Real Payouts, Real Prop Trading Model 

The cornerstone of a sustainable prop firm business model is real capital funding. This is how big investors and “smart money” work: they entrust their capital to professionals who can generate profits consistently. 

From a retail perspective, the most important thing is to always have funds available to pay out traders. By giving real funds, at FunderPro we allow you to generate profit in the market, so payouts are always 100% guaranteed. 

Fair Funding Conditions 

Unlike most other proprietary trading firms, FunderPro really puts its capital on the line to fund traders, this means that the Company is investing in its traders. To safeguard said investment and the Company’s funds, FunderPro Funded Challenges have stricter rules and targets compared to virtual firms. 

Why is that? The reason is simple: traditional retails prop firms want to lure in users with incredible discounts and easy-to-pass challenges so they can cash in on challenge fees (it is not unheard of that they manipulate the funded environment to make funded traders lose their account). 

On the other hand, at FunderPro we need to select only the best traders, so our Challenges are really meant to test your skills, this way you can be financed with real funds and generate profit for both us and yourself. 

Skin in the Game 

FunderPro puts its capital on the line, and Challenge fees ensure that traders also are invested in the funding process. “Being on the same boat” is necessary to foster mutual transparency and trust. 

Once you are funded, you have the certainty that FunderPro will never manipulate your trades to make you lose your funded account. If you win, the firm wins; but if you lose, the Company absorbs all your losses. 

In summary, having “skin in the game” allows traders to trust a prop firm that uses real funds because the interests of user and company are always aligned. 

FunderPro Has the Fastest Prop Firm Payouts in the World 

Lighting fast payouts can only be achieved by letting funded traders manage real funds. Here is how it works: 

  1. You get funded with FunderPro and receive an account backed by real funds and connected to an STP/ECN broker (A-Book) 
  2. As soon as you solidify some profit in your account, that profit is real and payable 
  3. Any time your total profit is more than $100, you can request a payout 
  4. The payout is verified and issued on average within 8 hours, but we have had some payouts that were as fast as 3 minutes 

Just like your profit, the 80/20 split is also real. This means that we earn when you earn, so the more you stay funded and the more payouts you claim, the happier we are, too! 

Learn More About Real Funds Prop Firm Payouts 

We created a dedicated page for our revolutionary funding and payout method. Visit it to see the latest payout certificate, how fast they were, and read the Trustpilot reviews of verified traders who got paid with FunderPro.