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Prop Trading Features
Built For Success

We are obsessed with detail, allowing us to build an intuitive dashboard with analytics that matter for those traders that crave precision.

All You Need in One Place
An Innovative Dashboard Experience

We’re obsessed with the detail, allowing us to create a unique, intuitive Funded experience for traders who are all about convenience and accuracy. With an all-in-one analytics solution filled with the most important data needed for your success, our platform is as much about performance as it is about simplicity.

Setting You Up For Success
With a performance dashboard packed with analytics that matter.
Always in Your Pocket
We are all about convenience! Access your challenge across any device.
Live STP Broker
Real Capital Funded
Trading Accounts

We believe that business is better by aligning our interests, we want our traders to succeed. We’re proud to be the only Prop Firm on the market to arm their Funded Traders with a real capital account once they have been funded. This means you can go into the market and trade on a live account with our capital and claim daily payouts.

Live Trading
Trade on a real live account…not a Demo.
STP Execution
Execute your trades without re-quotes or market manipulation.
Get Paid Any Time
Fast, Reliable Weekly
Profit Payouts

A trader like you deserves quick and generous profit splits. Once you have proven your market magic you can enjoy weekly profit payouts. Your first profit split is eligible seven days after you place your first trade on your Live Trading Account. You can simply request payouts for any profits that you generate on a daily basis as long as you are in profit of at least $100.

Daily Payouts
Claim your profit split every day.
Up to 90/10 Profit Split
Keep up to 90% of the profits earned.
Built to Scale
Scale your profits up to $5,000,000.
Average processing time 8hrs
Receive payouts usually within 8 hours
Take the Lead
Monthly Competitions

We organize free competitions every month. If you place in the first 5, your’ll win a free Funded Account Challenge!

Top the Leaderboard
Showcase your skills to win a Funded Challenge
Custom Contests 
Every month we mix it up, so every strategy gets a chance to win.
Earn Like a Pro
An Affiliate Dashboard
Built for Growth

Our fully-integrated Affiliate Portal allows traders to become Affiliates, receive their unique referral link, and track their performance with ease. With an aim to offer the best experience in the prop trading industry with top-notch technology and unique funding programs, we allow Affiliates to stand beside a product they can be proud to promote.

Recurring Commissions
Easily track your referrals on a user-friendly Affiliate Dashboard.
Accelerate Growth
Grow your business with full creative & marketing support.
Co-Marketing Opportunities
Engage your audience through customized discount codes.
Campaign Management
Easily set up tailored campaigns that your network will love.
With You 24/7
The Peak of Prop Firm
Customer Care

Your success is our success, that is why we built our team with the experts you need for optimal performance. From customer care to our Trade Desk technicians we have someone on hand to answer any query you have.

24/7 Customer Support
We’ve got your back around the clock.
Trade Support
A team of trade professionals by your side.
In-App Support
Contact us 24/7 directly from your Trader’s Portal.
Multi-Lingual Support
A team of multi-language support agents.