Prop Trading Features
Built for Success

We are obsessed with detail. This allowed us to build an intuitive dashboard with everything you need to focus on trading, nothing else.

An Innovative
Dashboard Experience

You should concentrate only on trading. We engineered an intuitive Funded experience that prioritizes convenience and accuracy. With an all-in-one analytics solution filled with the most important account data, you can spend more time on the charts and less time on everything else.

Setting You Up for Success

With a performance dashboard packed with analytics that matter.

Always in Your Pocket

Always in Your Pocket

Access your account from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

STP Accounts
Funded With Real Capital

We believe in being pro-trader and that our interests should be aligned with yours. We’re proud to be the only Prop Firm on the market to arm their Funded Traders with real money (not simulated capital). This means you can generate real profits in the markets and payout liquidity is 100% guaranteed.

Live Trading

Trade with real capital, not virtual money.

STP Execution

Execute your trades without re-quotes or market manipulation.

Daily Payouts
No hidden rules.

Funding traders with real capital allows us to issue payouts at any time. You can request a payout any time your Funded Account is at least $100 in profit, no other rules, no limitations. You can even ask for multiple payouts in the same day!

Daily Payouts

Claim your share any time it’s over $100.

80% Profit Split

Keep 80% of the profits you generate in the real market

Built to Scale

Scale your Funded Account up to $5,000,000.

Get Paid Fast

Average payout processing time is 8 hours.

Take a Free Trial and
Keep Your Balance!

Our Free Trials are more than just practice, if you generate a profit, you can purchase a Funded Account Challenge and carry over the balance!

Get a head start of up to 5%

No additional fees

Start your Challenge with zero risks

Convert your Trial into a Regular Challenge

Start Fresh for a
Discount, Every Time

Sometimes the market just doesn’t go your way, we know. With FunderPro you can Reset or Retry a Challenge for a discounted price as many times as you want.

Reset an ongoing Challenge

Retry a lost Challenge within 24 hours

Get a discount every time you decide to Reset or Retry

Valid on any Challenge type and Account size

Everyone Can Be a
FunderPro Affiliate

Our Affiliate Portal allows all traders to become affiliates. When you sign up, you are assigned a referral link. Share it and you’ll receive a share of every sale made thanks to you.

Recurring Commissions

Recurring Commissions

Weekly payouts as long as you earned at least $100.

Real-time Tracking

Stay always up-to-date with your earnings through the Affiliate Portal.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

We'll help you develop and optimize your strategies.

Real Profits

Real Profits

Over $300k paid out since March '23, an average of $6k per affiliate

All-star Customer Support

Our Support Team is a in-house group of industry experts. They know what it means to be a trader and can answer any question promptly and accurately.

Available 24/7

Live Chat, Email, & Discord