FunderPro, a leading proprietary trading innovator in the fintech industry, is proud to announce its partnership with SiGMA Group, the global leader in iGaming events. FunderPro brings its vast experience in FX brokerage and proprietary trading technology to support SiGMA in creating its first FX and proprietary trading event and broadening its reach to encompass the FX vertical. The event will be further enriched by the expertise of brands such as Netrios (white label brokerage solutions), Zeply (crypto exchange), and CryptoChill (crypto payment gateway solutions).

Proprietary trading firms are at the forefront of the financial industry, employing advanced technology which can be used both as an additional service offering and revenue stream to existing brokerages and to build standalone firms. For the first time, prop firms will have dedicated panels and spotlights at an FX event.

Proprietary trading’s business model focuses on giving professional traders the tools and funds they need to trade to their fullest potential in exchange for a small percentage of the profits. This creates a win-win relationship because traders can capitalize on their skills, while the firm earns from every profitable trade.

The collaboration between FunderPro and SiGMA Global represents a strategic alliance that capitalizes on the unique strengths of each organization. On the one hand, SiGMA’s leading gaming events appeal to affiliates, traders, investors, and brokers for their capacity to enable key business connections. On the other hand, FunderPro, renowned for its innovative proprietary trading solutions and its role as a service and technology provider, aims to introduce prop trading to those same affiliates, traders, investors, and brokers and help them establish their proprietary trading firms with ease. This partnership is built on mutual synergies, aligning both companies’ visions and growth strategies. Together, they are poised to advance sustainable, long-term fintech solutions and unlock new opportunities for beneficial collaborations.

FunderPro eagerly anticipates the upcoming SiGMA expo, as for the first time at an FX event the focus will be on proprietary trading. This will be the perfect stage for FunderPro to showcase its distinctive B2C and B2B offerings and show how its technological advancements are enabling traders to reach their objectives and entrepreneurs to easily enter the lucrative space of proprietary trading.

Gary Mullen, CEO of FunderPro, said about the partnership: “This partnership is a transformative milestone for FunderPro and SiGMA alike. We see not only a remarkable opportunity to showcase the potential of proprietary trading in the innovative and dynamic environment facilitated by SiGMA, but also the opportunity to help more entrepreneurs and businesses harness the power and benefits of proprietary trading. It’s an exciting time for FunderPro and for the industry as a whole.”

By bringing together the worlds of gaming and fintech, FunderPro and SiGMA Global promise to usher in innovative solutions that will create new opportunities for traders, affiliates, businesses, and investors worldwide.

SiGMA FX will take place in Limassol, Cyprus between 4 – 7 September. For any information regarding the event, visit the official web page or email our events coordinator Carolina at