In a move that shows once again that its team listens to and values the input of its community members, FunderPro has launched the first of many monthly competitions. 

Characteristics of FunderPro’s Competitions 

FunderPro competitions will be free to enter and aim at providing talented traders yet another opportunity to receive funding. Each of the top 5 performing challengers will receive a free Funded Account Challenge on their favorite trading platform. 

A Different Take on Trading Competitions 

Tim Bettingen, Senior Product Owner at FunderPro, said: “Competitions are a feature we have been wanting to roll out for quite a while. We are currently testing the format with our first event, and we are seeing better-than-expected response from our users. The final aim is to create competitions that are interesting, challenging, and different from the ones you see on other platforms. Ultimately, we want to fund the best traders, and competitions are a way excellent talent can effectively get funded for free.” 

Results and Expectations for the Future 

Over 1,500 contestants took part in FunderPro’s first competition, and the team believes this shows how active and receptive the prop firm community is around user-driven initiatives and features. 

FunderPro expects to run regular competitions that cater to a variety of different trading styles and techniques, with the goal of giving every trader a shot at getting funded. 

The introduction of competitions takes place at the same time as the launch of credit card payments for all challenges, another community request that FunderPro has worked hard to satisfy without sacrificing its commitment to security and transparency.