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FunderPro Introduces Single Phase Challenges and New Add-Ons

FunderPro now offers a Single-Phase Account type. The new account gets you funded after just one stage and is customizable with add-ons.

The FunderPro Single-Phase Challenge is now available worldwide. Enhance it with 90/10 split, 2x leverage, and news holding.

FunderPro opens the new year with a brand-new Funded Account Challenge Type: a one-phase with several add-ons that promises customization fit to every trader and strategy. 

Another Community-Driven Initiative 

Just like the Swing Challenge, this new account type has been requested by FunderPro’s trader community and has been implemented to cater to a wider audience and meet the needs of traders worldwide. 

FunderPro Single-Phase Challenges 

FunderPro’s Single Phase Accounts are 1-phase FAC (Funded Account Challenge) that come with three add-on options to customize the challenge: 

  • 90/10 profit split upgrade 
  • Higher leverage upgrade (2x leverage on everything except crypto) 
  • News holding option 

The tables below show the details of the FunderPro Single Phase Challenge. 

Cost of the Single Phase Funded Account Challenge 

Challenge Fee*Account Size

*Once the trader receives a Funded Account, the Challenge Fee will be refunded in full. 

Rules of the FunderPro Single Phase Challenges 

Swing AccountPhase 1Funded Account
Max Daily Drawdown4%5%
Max Overall Drawdown7%10%
Profit Target12%n/a
Time LimitUnlimited Timen/a
Minimum Trading Days5n/a
Consistency RuleYesNo
News HoldingYes*Yes*
News TradingNoNo
Weekend holdingNoNo

*With add-on.

Leverages on FunderPro Single Phase Challenges 

Asset ClassDefault LeverageAdd-On Leverage
Metals, Oil, Indices1020

For those ready to start their FunderPro Single Phase Challenge, they are available from the purchase page or from your dashboard.