FunderPro opens the new year with a brand-new Funded Account Challenge Type: a one-phase with several add-ons that promises customization fit to every trader and strategy. 

Another Community-Driven Initiative 

Just like the Swing Challenge, this new account type has been requested by FunderPro’s trader community and has been implemented to cater to a wider audience and meet the needs of traders worldwide. 

FunderPro Single-Phase Challenges 

FunderPro’s Single Phase Accounts are 1-phase FAC (Funded Account Challenge) that come with three add-on options to customize the challenge: 

  • 90/10 profit split upgrade 
  • Higher leverage upgrade (2x leverage on everything except crypto) 
  • News holding option 

The tables below show the details of the FunderPro Single Phase Challenge. 

Cost of the Single Phase Funded Account Challenge 


Challenge Fee*Account Size

*Once the trader receives a Funded Account, the Challenge Fee will be refunded in full. 

Rules of the FunderPro Single Phase Challenges 


Swing AccountPhase 1Funded Account
Max Daily Drawdown4%5%
Max Overall Drawdown7%10%
Profit Target14%n/a
Time LimitUnlimited Timen/a
Minimum Trading Days1n/a
Consistency RuleYesNo
News HoldingNoNo
News TradingNoNo
Weekend holdingNoNo

*With add-on.

Leverages on FunderPro Single Phase Challenges 


Asset ClassDefault Leverage
Metals, Oil, Indices10

For those ready to start their FunderPro Single Phase Challenge, they are available from the purchase page or from your dashboard. 

Important: Add-ons are no longer available for FunderPro Challenges