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Funder pro trading Terms & Conditions

Trader Interviews
Terms and Conditions

Please read this page carefully. It contains all the information about the interview for traders who pass Phase 1, are awarded a Funded Account or receive a payout, and the possible rewards.

Terms of Service
FunderPro has introduced a series of refinements to its trader interviews process, all aimed at fostering greater transparency and effectiveness in our interactions with traders.
  • Invitation Points: Traders will now be extended interview invitations upon the successful completion of Phase 1, after being awarded a Funded Account, or subsequent to a successful payout.
  • Phase 1 Retake Offer: should the trader that accepts to give an interview after passing Phase 1 fail to complete Phase 2 successfully, they will be able to retake the Challenge free of charge. This initiative aligns with our commitment to fairness and procedural integrity.
  • Enhanced Payout Structure: Following the successful conclusion of Phase 2 and awarding of a Funded Account or a payout, traders will now enjoy an elevated one-time payout split of 90/10 after doing an interview with FunderPro. This adjustment underscores our dedication to recognizing and rewarding your advancements in the realm of trading with FunderPro.
  • Legal Considerations: By participating in the interview process, you explicitly confirm your agreement to abide by the revised terms and conditions, outlined and accessible here.
  • Utilization of Interview Material: FunderPro retains unambiguous and irrevocable rights to employ interview footage for a variety of communication endeavors. This encompasses dissemination across platforms including, but not limited to, YouTube, Reel Stories, and other relevant channels. Such use is in line with the pursuit of FunderPro’s mission, vision, and values, as well as its endeavor to fortify its presence in the foreign exchange domain.