In the dynamic world of trading, the journey from novice to expert is filled with learning, adapting, and overcoming challenges. Ramon, a trader at an early stage in his career, recently shared his experiences and insights in an interview with FunderPro’s CEO, Gary Mullen. Ramon’s story is not just about trading strategies, but also about the emotional and psychological aspects of trading. 

We think Ramon’s experience can be beneficial to budding and experienced traders alike, so make sure you check out the full video below.

The Roller Coaster of Trading 

Ramon’s trading journey epitomizes the ups and downs typical in this field. He describes his experience as “a roller coaster… good experience, bad experience.” This highlights the volatile nature of trading, where success and setbacks are part of the learning curve. 

The Importance of Learning and Adaptation 

Ramon emphasizes the importance of continuous learning in trading. He notes, “You have to put a lot of time into it… it’s not just something going up and down; everything makes sense.” This statement underscores the complexity of trading and the need for a deep understanding of market movements. 

Strategies and Techniques 

Focusing on resistance, support, and RSI (Relative Strength Index), Ramon discusses his approach to trading. He believes in adapting his strategies to the market’s changing dynamics, stating, “In trading, you have to control your emotions very well… accept the good day and accept the bad day.” 

The Psychological Aspect: Emotional Control 

One of the most challenging aspects of trading, as Ramon points out, is managing emotions. He advises, “You got to learn how to really control that mindset; have a strong mind while trading.” This reflects the psychological resilience required to maintain stability in the face of market fluctuations. 

Goals and Aspirations 

Ramon’s goal is clear and relatable to many traders: “My dream is to be a consistent, profitable trader.” This goal captures the essence of what many in the trading community strive for – consistent profitability. 

Advice for New Traders 

Ramon offers valuable advice for newcomers, emphasizing commitment and education: 

Focus on trading… be a sponge for trading. 

He encourages new traders to immerse themselves in learning about the market, understanding trends, and developing personal strategies. 


Ramon’s journey and insights provide a realistic picture of what it takes to grow as a trader. His experiences remind us that trading is not just about strategies and profits, but also about learning, adapting, and maintaining emotional control. As Ramon aptly puts it, “Every day is a school day in trading… you need to keep learning because things constantly change.” His story is a testament to the ongoing journey of learning and adaptation in the world of trading. 

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