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Dive into Mike’s Successful Trading Journey with FunderPro

Michail has earned over 16,000 dollars in one month of trading with FunderPro

Mike, with a background in software engineering and music, delves into his successful forex trading journey with FunderPro, emphasizing the blend of strategy, psychology, and patience.

Trading is as much about strategy as it is about psychology. In his interview with FunderPro, Mike, a trader with a unique background in software engineering and music, shared his insights into the world of forex trading, his strategies, and the importance of patience. 

From Software Engineering to Forex Trading 

Mike’s journey into the world of forex began just six months ago, transitioning from the crypto market. His background in software engineering, spanning over a decade, has given him a unique perspective. “My background is in software engineering, over 10 years making video games, now making music for film and TV. The software engineering background helped me see the market more clearly,” Mike shared. 

The Importance of Patience and Learning 

One of the most emphasized points during the interview was the importance of patience. Mike candidly shared his initial struggles, “In the beginning, I was not keeping it cool at all. All these mistakes made me understand what I was doing wrong.” He further elaborated on the significance of not chasing the price, stating, “95% of the time, if you see it run from the price, it’s going to come back.” 

“Be patient and learn from your mistakes. These are the key things that will move you forward,” Mike advised budding traders. 

Trading Strategy: A Blend of ICT and Discipline 

Mike attributes a significant part of his trading success to the teachings of ICT (Inner Circle Trader). He combines this knowledge with a lot of patience, creating a winning formula. Moreover, his time in the army, particularly in special forces training, instilled in him a discipline that he finds invaluable in trading. 

The FunderPro Experience 

Mike’s experience with FunderPro has been nothing short of rewarding. He highlighted the firm’s unique approach, especially the unlimited time to pass the challenge. The interview also touched upon FunderPro’s decision to allow unlimited withdrawals, a move inspired by Mike’s consistent trading success and precise withdrawal request patterns to solidify his earnings. 

Look at Mike’s Winning Charts 

Mike trades mostly Gold and Oil. He shared his computer screen to show everyone the type of charting he uses to produce consistently winning trades. Make sure you check out the full interview on YouTube to make the most out of it! 

Final Thoughts 

Mike’s journey is a testament to the fact that with the right mindset, discipline, and strategy, one can achieve success in the world of trading, and that it may not take a long time to take home a hefty profit (he’s been trading Forex for only 6 months!) His advice to be patient and learn from mistakes is a golden nugget for traders at all stages of their journey. 

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