The FunderPro team has announced that secure card payments are now available worldwide. Card payments are a welcome addition to the already tried-and-tested crypto payments and mean that aspiring funded traders will now be able to purchase funded account challenges with their favorite payment method. 

FunderPro Card Payments: A Community-Driven Initiative 

FunderPro prides itself on fostering a vibrant trading community, particularly on Discord. From the many suggestions that sprouted from traders, enabling credit card payments has been the most common. After thorough research and development, the FunderPro team has deployed a solution that guarantees security, transparency, and a smooth payment experience. 

Gary Mullen, CEO of FunderPro, declared: “This feature is yet another evidence that we care about our traders, and that we listen to their requests. Card payments implementation is not something to be taken lightly, especially in an industry like ours, where security is always a top priority. We did our homework and deployed a top-notch solution that our users are already using extensively.” 

FunderPro is Pushing Towards a Better Proprietary Trading Experience 

Card payments, along with the recently implemented competitions, are just two of the many improvements and new features that the FunderPro team is looking to integrate into its product. These changes are all part of the greater goal to make proprietary trading the new standard in the retail forex industry; a standard that leads to higher profitability for talented traders and businesses alike. 

Traders looking to manage real funds on STP/ECN account can buy their challenge at this link