Meet Josh, a World Championship motorbike racer turned astute trader, whose story is a thrilling ride from the high-speed racetracks to the meticulous world of trading. In a detailed interview with FunderPro, Josh reveals how he is transitioning his career from racing to trading, applying the same discipline and rigor that brought him success on the track to his new venture in the financial markets.

The Need for Speed and Precision: Josh’s Background 

“I race World Championship World Endurance Championship on a 1,000cc bike… it’s quite taxing on the body especially if you crash, which happens” 

Josh’s racing career was as fast-paced and demanding as they come, imbuing him with an acute sense of discipline and a high tolerance for risk. However, as the physical demands of racing began to take their toll, Josh foresaw the need to pivot careers and dove into trading – a field where he could apply his analytical skills and competitive spirit. 

Transitioning Tracks: From Racing to Trading 

“I dove into trading about three years ago…I lost a bit of money fairly quickly and then I realized well if I can lose that money that quickly there’s got to be a way to be on the opposite side of that” 

Josh’s foray into trading began with the familiar bump that most traders experience: initial losses. However, instead of deterring him, these losses fueled his determination to master the art of trading. He immersed himself in studying market patterns and trading strategies, committed to turning his fortunes around. 

A Strategy That Races to Success 

“I’m not a scalper…I tend to hold a trade for two to three days minimum…the 10% drawdown was a good one for me” 

Unlike the fast-paced world of scalping, Josh’s trading strategy is more akin to his endurance racing background – holding trades for several days to capture significant market moves. He appreciates the flexibility and risk buffer provided by FunderPro, particularly valuing the ability to leave positions open over several days, aligning perfectly with his trading style. 

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The Psychological Gear: Discipline and Patience 

“You need to have rules if you don’t have rules then what are you doing? It’s just a recipe for disaster” 

Josh emphasizes the importance of discipline and psychological strength in trading, much like the focus and mental fortitude required in racing. He adheres strictly to his trading rules, knowing that even the slightest deviation could lead to a crash in the markets. 

Steering Through the Market: Josh’s Trading Advice 

“Understand what kind of person you are and try and find what works best for you…it’s going to be difficult in the beginning” 

Josh advises aspiring traders to be patient and dedicated. He encourages them to find a strategy that suits their personality and trading style and to stick with it through the ups and downs. His approach is about understanding oneself as much as understanding the market. 

Conclusion: The Finish Line is Just a New Beginning 

Josh’s transition from motorbike racing to trading is a story of adaptability, discipline, and continuous learning. His journey is a testament to the fact that the qualities that bring success in one field can be effectively translated to another, especially in the world of trading.  

As he continues to trade and refine his strategy, Josh stands as an inspiring figure for traders everywhere, proving that with the right mindset and approach, the racetrack’s speed and risk can be successfully navigated in the financial markets. 

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