Your FunderPro experience is about to be even more rewarding. Whether you have a Funded Account or not, our new FunderPro Loyalty Program is here to reward you for your engagement and participation. 

What Is the FunderPro Loyalty Program?

The FunderPro Loyalty Program is designed to reward you for your interactions with us. By participating, you can collect FunderPro Tokens and spend them on amazing rewards or enter raffles for a chance to win big prizes. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a part of the FunderPro community. 

How Does It Work?

Starting now, you’ll earn 10 FunderPro Tokens for every dollar you spend on Challenges. For example, if you purchase a $100k Regular Challenge, you’ll receive 5490 Tokens. 

Accumulate these Tokens to redeem rewards in the FunderPro Loyalty Marketplace or enter exciting raffles (coming soon). 

We will add more ways to earn FunderPro Token as well as more rewards in the coming weeks and months. 

How Do I Sign Up for the FunderPro Loyalty Program?

You already are! Every trader that registers for a FunderPro Account is enrolled in the Loyalty Program automatically and can start collecting FunderPro Tokens right away! 

Redeem Rewards in the FunderPro Loyalty Marketplace

Currently, you can redeem your Tokens for discount coupons, with more prizes coming soon. To claim your rewards: 

  1. Open the FunderPro Loyalty Widget located in the bottom-right corner of your Dashboard. 
  2. Click on “Marketplace”. 
  3. Select your desired prize and click the corresponding button. 
  4. Check your email for confirmation. 

Entering the Raffle: What Can You Win?

Raffles are going to be introduced soon, and entering will be very simple: 

  1. Open the FunderPro Loyalty Widget on your Dashboard. 
  2. Click on “Raffles”. 
  3. Choose the raffle you want to enter and select how many tickets you want. 

Remember, raffle prizes will change regularly, so keep an eye on the widget for the latest updates! 

Start Earning FunderPro Tokens Now!

This is just the beginning! We are continually working to add more rewards and opportunities to make your FunderPro experience better than ever.  

Why wait? Start collecting your FunderPro Tokens today and turn your FunderPro interactions into exciting rewards and raffle entries. 

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