Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works
How Does the Funded Account Work?

You will trade with the same account balance that you traded in the FunderPro Evaluation and Verification Phases, meaning if you chose $100,000 you will manage a $100,000 Funded Account. To maintain your status as a Funded Trader you will need to meet certain drawdown limits: 

  • Lose no more than 5% of the day's starting balance (Daily Drawdown)
  • Lose no more than 10% of the initial balance (Overall Drawdown)

How much profit do I get? 

The Funded Account allows you to receive an 80% profit split by default (which can become 90% if you purchase the Add-On with your Challenge). If you keep within the drawdown limits and are profitable, you will be eligible for your first payout as soon as your Funded Account is $100 in profit. You can request a payout every time your Funded Account is in profit of at least $100.

What happens if I breach the drawdown limits or any other Funded Account requirement? 

If you are in violation of the Daily or Overall drawdowns or any other rule applicable to your Funded Account, this will be disabled. You can purchase another Challenge and get funded again without any penalty. Please note that you will not bear any of the losses, we take the risk of all your potential losses.