Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works
Do I Trade With Real Funds?

Once you have passed our 2 phase evaluation, FunderPro traders will have the same capital to trade with as initially chosen for their preceding evaluation (phase 1) and verification (phase 2) phases. Your FunderPro Funded Account will be connected to a live STP/ECN trading account with real capital, an industry first. 

It's from your live account where we generate real profits, and you are entitled to 80% of the profits you earn on the account. 

Note: We don't provide account upgrades, please be sure to choose the account size that suits you from the beginning. This initial capital is what you will trade on your Funded Account. 

If you are successful, prove you are able to build consistent profits and have a winning trading strategy in the long run, you can scale your account (this is limited to 100k and 200k challenges). 

What does it mean to trade with an STP/ECN broker?

We want all our traders to succeed, this is why we are the only prop firm to connect all Funded Traders to an STP/ECN account.

By offering both STP (Straight-Through-Processing) and ECN (Electronic Communications Network), we ensure your order will always find liquidity to get executed instantaneously.

Through the STP routing, your order gets sent to a liquidity provider; through the ECN model, your order is sent to a pool of market participants where it can always find the right counterparty.