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About Us
Why Choose FunderPro?

Becoming a full-time trader might seem like a pipe dream. 

  1. Do I have enough capital? 
  2. Do I have what it takes and is it worth risking my own capital? 
  3. Do I have the discipline to be successful?
  4. Do I have the knowledge required to trade? 

With FunderPro we are giving you the chance to make your dream a reality. You can manage the FunderPro account with an initial balance of up to $200,000 and keep 80% of the profits.  Prove you can build a consistent & profitable trading strategy, and anything is possible. 

The FunderPro program was built with the following cornerstones:

1. Simplicity 

When building our challenge we wanted to ensure that these were as straightforward as possible, so that you have the chance of getting funded. With some of the lowest targets in the market, no time limits, generous profit splits, and the ONLY prop firm to offer real capital funding, we are confident that we are the right choice for getting funded.

2. Support

Get answers quickly with our responsive customer service and trade support teams, available 24/7. Contact us via Live Chat, email, or submit a ticket.

3. Scale

Once you have all the tools in the toolbox, it's time to SCALE. As we've previously mentioned you will keep 80% of the profits once you've become a FunderPro trader. The question is, do you take the profit and go, or do you stay and grow? We offer both. 

We'll reward you with 80% of the profits and you can enjoy weekly payouts. Notably, prove to us you can consistently build a profit of 10% for 3 consecutive months and we'll reward you with a 50% balance increase all the way up $ 5 million. Want to know more about our scaling plan? Learn more here.

Am I responsible for losses? 

No! Another reason to love us, we will cover ALL the losses if any, so the fear of losing is eradicated because you literally have nothing to lose. 

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Let's get funded!