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How Do Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders Work?

Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) are two types of order that you can set in advance in your trading platform and they will be filled automatically when (and if) the price reaches that threshold.

SL and TP are useful a risk management tool that lets you manage your trades' exits without constantly being on the charts.

Take Profit and Stop Loss Limitation

Please be aware that SL and TP have a limitation and, while useful, are not perfect. This limitation applies to all trading platforms and providers, not just FunderPro and the trading platforms available with us.

SL and TP orders are NOT guaranteed to execute at the price you set. Just like pending or market orders, execution depends on available liquidity and may be subject to slippage. For example, if you trade close to End of Day (EOD) when liquidity is often low, your TP and SL could be executed with significant slippage. Our advice is to avoid trading during the final hours of the market's day.

Furthermore, order execution is influenced by high-volatility situation such as significant news releases. Also in this case your TP and SL may not be filled at your desired level.

Finally, always be aware of the possibility of slippage due to low liquidity or high volatility, as these are part of normal market behavior and every well-rounded trader should plan for them.