Frequently Asked Questions

About the Challenge
Can I Reset My Challenge?

We want to empower our traders to succeed. If at any time you violate one of our requirements your account will become ineligible for funding due to the success criteria not being met. However, you can reset your account at any time during your Phase 1 (Evaluation) of your challenge, even if your profit/loss during the challenge is negative. 

Who can Reset their Challenges?

If you have a Regular or Swing Challenge, you can reset it only during Phase 1. Fast Track Challenges can also be reset.

How does the reset help?

It's not a good feeling to fail, our reset function allows you to adapt your trading plan and strategy and try again for a discount on the original Challenge fee.

You can reset your account by following the simple steps below: 

  1. Access your funded account dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the challenge you wish to reset.
  3. Simply click "Reset Challenge" and you're ready to go again.

Once you have successfully reset your challenge you will see a pop-up window highlighting your discounted price and the available payment options. Now all you have to do is confirm or cancel. Click "Cancel" if you do not wish to continue or "Reset & Keep Trading" to keep going. 

If you have failed your Challenge, you can retry it from your Dashboard within 24 hours, also for a discount.