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How Do I Become a Funded Trader?

We believe traders should have the chance to perform at their best, without focusing on time, or unrealistic goals. With that in mind, we have built our evaluation in a way that simplifies that path to getting funded while safeguarding traders against mishaps, allowing them to become risk management pros.

FunderPro offers three Funded Account Challenge types, each with its own passing criteria. To find out all about the FunderPro Challenge types, visit this link.

Important: News trading is never allowed. However, you can hold open traders over news on Swing Accounts.

Once you have successfully passed a Challenge, we'll carefully assess your performance, and you will then become a FunderPro trader. Once you become funded, you will trade on a live account with real funds. Because of this, you are required to fully verify your identity. You will be asked for: 

  • Proof of identification (passport, national ID card, or driving licence)
  • Proof of address (a household bill or similar within the last 6 months)

The offering of a Funded Account contract is subject to the completion and approval of your identification process. Once approved, you will be able to trade our capital (based on the account size chosen at the start of the Challenge) and keep 80% of the profits you generate. 

Want to scale?

We offer scaling up to $5 million for all accounts. Prove you can build a 10% profit consecutively for 3 months and we will increase your account balance by 50%, this means if you are trading a $100k account after 3 months it will be increased to $150,000.  

Want to know more about our scaling plan? Click here.

Will I get a certificate on completion of the Challenge?

Yes! We'll send you certificates every time you pass Phase 1, get funded, or receive a payout.