Key Takeaways 

  • The article reviews five key platforms that offer specialized tools for crypto analysis, ranging from news aggregation to advanced charting. 
  • Each platform provides unique features tailored to different trading needs, such as real-time data, DeFi analytics, community engagement, and portfolio management, helping traders make informed decisions. 
  • The right crypto analysis tools are crucial for navigating the volatile cryptocurrency market, offering real-time insights, risk management, and strategic advantages for both casual and experienced traders. 

In the rapidly changing landscape of crypto trading, possessing the appropriate tools is pivotal to success. If you’re a day trader looking to get funded, there are crypto analysis platforms you can use to improve your strategy and profitability. This article delves into some of the best tools available for crypto traders. From news aggregation and DeFi analytics to advanced charting and social networking, these platforms will help you make informed trading decisions. 

The Importance of Finding the Right Crypto Analysis Tools 

Choosing the right tools for crypto analysis is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a strategic necessity. The crypto market is highly volatile, with prices that can swing dramatically in a short period of time. These fluctuations present both potential rewards and inherent risks. The right tools, along with well-engineered strategies, can help you seize opportunities by providing real-time data, in-depth analytics, and timely alerts. They can also help you manage risks by offering features like impact indicators, customizable alerts, and community insights. Whether you’re tracking your portfolio, analyzing market trends, or looking for the next big opportunity in DeFi or NFTs, the right platform can provide you with the resources you need to succeed. Let’s dive right in. 

CryptoPanic: News Aggregation and Insights 

CryptoPanic is a news aggregator platform designed specifically for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders. Here’s how it can be beneficial for you and your prop trading firm journey: 

Real-Time News Aggregation 

CryptoPanic gathers news from various sources across the web, including social media, news websites, and blogs. By consolidating all this information in one place, traders can stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the crypto world without having to scour multiple sites. 

Impact Indicators 

One of the unique features of CryptoPanic is its ability to indicate the potential impact of news on the price and market of cryptocurrencies. This can help traders make informed decisions by understanding how specific news might affect market trends. 

Customizable Alerts 

Traders can set up personalized alerts for specific cryptocurrencies, news sources, or keywords. This ensures that they receive immediate notifications about relevant news, allowing them to react quickly to market changes. 

Community Interaction 

CryptoPanic also offers a community feature where users can vote on the relevance and potential impact of news. This collaborative approach provides additional insights into how the broader community perceives certain news, which can be valuable for traders in assessing market sentiment. 

Portfolio Integration 

Some versions of CryptoPanic allow integration with personal crypto portfolios. This enables traders to track their holdings alongside the news, making it easier to see how market developments might affect their specific investments. Even though this feature is geared more towards holders than day traders, it could still be beneficial if you are looking to get funded, especially if you also own crypto coins. 


CryptoPanic is accessible via web browsers and mobile apps, ensuring that traders can stay connected to the news wherever they are. 

The Lowdown 

CryptoPanic serves as a comprehensive tool for crypto day traders by providing real-time news aggregation, impact analysis, customizable alerts, and community insights. By keeping traders informed and connected to the rapidly changing crypto landscape, it can be a valuable asset in making timely and informed trading decisions. 

DefiLlama: Your DeFi Source of Truth 

DefiLlama is a comprehensive DeFi (Decentralized Finance) dashboard that provides a wide range of tools and insights related to various DeFi ecosystems. Here’s how it can be beneficial for crypto day traders: 

DeFi Overview and Analytics 

The platform allows users to compare different blockchains and their performance, analyze top DeFi protocols across various chains, understand how specific tokens are being utilized within the DeFi space, and access information about yield farming opportunities. 

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Insights 

Users can explore various NFT collections, analyze the performance of NFT marketplaces, and track earnings generated from NFTs. These often have an impact on the value of the coins used to purchase the NFTs, so they can be helpful for your trading activities. 

Borrowing and Lending 

The platform provides tools for both basic and advanced borrowing while also offering insights into the transparency of centralized exchanges. 

Bridges and Transactions 

Users can analyze different blockchain bridges and their statistics, as well as track bridge transactions across multiple chains. 

Trading Volumes and Derivatives 

The platform enables users to analyze decentralized exchange volumes, gain insights into derivatives and options trading within the DeFi space, and understand various fee structures and revenue streams. 

Stablecoins and Liquid Staking 

Users can analyze the performance of stablecoins across various chains and gain insights into Ethereum liquid staking. 

Tools and Extensions 

The platform offers a browser extension for quick access to DeFi insights, allows users to customize and track specific protocols, chains, or categories, and provides tools to analyze token liquidity across various platforms. 

Community and Support 

Users have access to a comprehensive wiki for understanding various DeFi concepts, API documentation for developers looking to integrate DefiLlama’s data into their own platforms, and social media channels to stay connected with updates and community discussions. 

What We Think 

DefiLlama serves as a one-stop dashboard for anyone interested in the DeFi space, including day traders. By providing real-time insights, analytics, and tools related to various aspects of DeFi, it enables traders to make informed decisions. Whether it’s tracking yields, understanding token usage, analyzing bridge transactions, or exploring NFT opportunities, DefiLlama offers valuable resources that can enhance a trader’s strategy and decision-making process. 

CoinGecko: More Than Just a Data Aggregator 

CoinGecko is a comprehensive cryptocurrency data platform that provides real-time and historical data on cryptocurrencies. Here’s how it can be beneficial for crypto day traders: 

Cryptocurrency Prices and Market Data 

CoinGecko tracks over 10,000 cryptocurrencies from more than 830 exchanges. It provides detailed information on price, trading volume, market capitalization, and more. This data is essential for traders to make informed decisions. 

Price Charts and Analysis Tools 

Traders can access real-time charts and various tools to analyze price trends. This includes sparkline charts, price converters, and global charts that give an overview of the market. 

Exchanges Information 

CoinGecko offers information on various crypto exchanges, including decentralized and derivatives exchanges. Traders can compare and choose the best platform for their needs. 

NFT Data 

For those interested in the NFT market, CoinGecko provides information on NFT floor prices and related coins. 

Learning Resources 

CoinGecko offers tutorials, guides, glossaries, videos, podcasts, newsletters, and research reports. These resources can help both new and experienced traders understand the crypto market better. 

Products and Tools 

CoinGecko offers various products like GeckoTerminal for real-time charts, the CoinGecko App for mobile tracking, Crypto Portfolio for portfolio management, and the Crypto API for developers. Such instruments can improve the quality of your trading journey. 

Watchlists and Categories 

Traders can create watchlists to monitor specific coins and access categories like gainers & losers, high volume coins, and specific ecosystem trends (e.g., Polygon, BNB Chain). 

Community Engagement 

CoinGecko also has features like price alerts and rewards, allowing users to stay engaged and receive updates on their favorite coins. 

Transparency and Methodology 

CoinGecko is known for its transparent methodology for ranking and evaluating cryptocurrencies and exchanges. This transparency builds trust and provides traders with reliable data. 

Global Reach 

The platform supports multiple languages and currencies, making it accessible to traders worldwide. 

Our Take on This Tool 

In summary, CoinGecko is a versatile platform that offers a wide array of tools and information essential for crypto day traders. From real-time price tracking to in-depth analysis and educational resources, it serves as a one-stop solution for anyone involved in the crypto market. 

TradingView: Possibly the Best Charting Software Out There 

TradingView is a popular online platform that provides a wide range of tools and resources for traders, including those involved in cryptocurrency trading. Here’s how it can be beneficial for crypto day traders: 

Real-Time Charts and Analysis Tools 

The platform provides access to real-time and historical charts for various cryptocurrencies, allows users to utilize over 100 pre-built technical indicators to analyze price trends, and offers various drawing tools to customize charts and highlight patterns and trends. 

Social Networking and Community Engagement 

Users can engage with other traders through public and private chats, share trading strategies and ideas with the community, and follow experienced traders to learn from their strategies and insights. 

Market Data and Insights 

The platform offers a comprehensive view of the crypto market, including price, volume, and market cap. It also features an economic calendar to keep users updated on important events that may impact the crypto market, as well as a real-time news feed related to cryptocurrencies. 

Alerts and Notifications 

Users can set up price alerts for specific cryptocurrencies to stay informed about price movements and receive alerts based on specific technical indicators. 

Paper Trading and Backtesting 

The platform allows users to practice trading with virtual money to test strategies without risking real capital and provides a strategy tester to backtest trading strategies using historical data for performance evaluation. 

Integration with Trading Platforms 

Users can connect with supported brokers to execute trades directly from TradingView and utilize TradingView’s API for custom integrations and automation. Even better, FunderPro’s native trading platform, TradeLocker, natively integrates TradingView and allows you to analyze and trade from a single tool. 

Customizable Workspace 

The platform offers multiple layouts to customize the workspace according to individual preferences and allows users to create and manage watchlists for specific cryptocurrencies. 

Accessibility and Support 

Users can access TradingView on the go with mobile apps for iOS and Android and have access to customer support and educational resources to enhance their trading experience. 

Why We Love TradingView 

TradingView serves as a comprehensive platform for crypto day traders, offering a wide array of tools, community engagement, real-time data, and integrations. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, TradingView provides valuable resources to analyze, strategize, and execute trades in the crypto market. 

CoinLobster: Data Aggregation Made Easy 

CoinLobster aggregates data from multiple exchanges with casual traders in mind, focusing on delivering a user-friendly experience. It emphasizes simplicity, cleanliness, and real-time access to combined market data. These are some of its exciting attributes: 

Real-Time Combined Market Data 

CoinLobster provides live combined orderbook, trades, and liquidation data across 10 spot and perpetual futures exchanges. This comprehensive view allows traders to see the broader market landscape in one place. 

Simplicity and Ease of Use 

The platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible to casual traders without sacrificing essential features. 

Unique Combined Data Offering 

Unlike many other platforms, CoinLobster aggregates data from multiple exchanges. This provides a more holistic view of the market, aiding in better decision-making. 

Customizable Charts 

The charts on CoinLobster are designed to be easily readable and filterable. Traders can quickly understand market trends and apply simple filters for grouping, trade size, and liquidation size. 

Low-Latency Real-Time Access 

CoinLobster’s low-latency design ensures that traders can see exchange activity in real-time. This is crucial for day traders who need to make quick decisions based on the latest market movements. 

One Drawback of CoinLobster 

While CoinLobster offers many benefits, it’s worth noting that the platform lacks advanced charting functions. This may limit its appeal to more experienced traders who require sophisticated analytical tools. Luckily, you can use TradeLocker for that! 

Takeaways on CoinLobster 

CoinLobster is a valuable tool for casual and day traders seeking a straightforward and cost-effective way to access real-time combined market data. With its focus on simplicity, free access, and unique combined data offering, it serves as a practical solution for those looking to keep a finger on the pulse of the market. However, those in need of advanced charting capabilities may find the platform’s features somewhat limited. 


The cryptocurrency market is complex and ever-changing, requiring traders to have access to the most up-to-date information and the best analytical tools. Platforms like CryptoPanic, DefiLlama, CoinGecko, TradingView, and CoinLobster each offer unique features that cater to different aspects of crypto trading. Whether you’re interested in real-time news aggregation, DeFi analytics, advanced charting capabilities, or community engagement, there’s a platform out there for you. By understanding the strengths and limitations of each, you can choose the tools that best fit your trading style and needs, setting you on the path to succeed in a prop trading firm.

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