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Can I Trade News with FunderPro?

When trading with FunderPro, both on Challenges and Funded Accounts, there are some restricted news that cannot be traded.

You cannot open any trades in the window between 2 minutes before and 2 minutes after the news event. This applies to all accounts.

All open position of the affected assets must be closed 2 minutes before the restricted news event. The only exception is Swing Accounts, which can hold positions over news events if they were opened more than 2 minutes before the restricted news.

If your have a Swing Account and your Pending Order (placed 2 minutes before the news event), TP, or SL are hit during a restricted news event, your account will not be breached.

It is the trader's responsibility to make sure they don't trade during restricted economic releases and news events. To check when the next news will be, consult the table below and check the economic calendar on this page (or any other trusted economic calendar of your choosing).

List of Restricted News Events in FunderPro

Below is a list of all news events currently restricted on FunderPro. This list can change without previous notice, please check it regularly.

CountryNews ReleaseSymbols
USANon Farm PayrollsAll
USARetail SalesAll
USAMichigan Consumer sentimentAll
USACore PCE Price Index m/mAll
USAADP Non-Farm Employment ChangeAll
USAISM Manufacturing PMIAll
USAISM Services PMIAll
USACrude Oil Inventories (EIA)USOil, UKOil
USANatural Gas Inventories (EIA)NGAS
USAFED Interest Rate decisionAll
EUECB Interest rate decisionAll EUR FX pairs
UKBOE Interest Rate decisionAll GBP FX pairs

Restricted News on Discord

Our team publishes a post with all the restricted news for the week on Discord in the #⛔-restricted-news channel. Please bear in mind that it is still the trader's responsibility to check whether there is a restricted news event happening at any time.