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Mastering the Art of Trading: Insights from Arty (The Moving Average)

Interview with Arty (aka The Moving Average), Christian, and Gary on trading success.

The Abu Dhabi Interviews – Chapter 3: The essential blend of education, strategy simplification, mindset, and community support for trading success, as shared by the renowned trader and educator, Arty.

Trading is a journey that combines skill, strategy, and most importantly, the right mindset. In a recent discussion with Arty from the Moving Average, Gary and Chris delved deep into what it takes to be successful in the dynamic world of trading. 

Here are the key insights and strategies shared by Arty to help you navigate the complexities of trading and stay cool and profitable.

The Power of Education and Dedication 

Arty, a seasoned trader and educator, emphasized the significance of dedication and continuous learning in trading. With a background of transforming his day trading hobby into a thriving YouTube channel, The Moving Average, Arty’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication. 

Key Quote: “I made three videos every single day for the first 30 days… I had enough videos for people to binge-watch,” Arty shared, highlighting the importance of building a solid foundation of knowledge. 

Strategy Simplification 

One of Arty’s success factors is his ability to simplify complex trading strategies for beginners. This approach not only made his channel popular but also helped many budding traders understand intricate market concepts easily. 

Key Quote: “I explain very intelligent topics in a very easy to understand way… and people resonate with that.” 

The Role of Mindset in Trading 

Trading isn’t just about strategies and technical analysis; it’s also about the right mindset. Arty discussed the importance of mindset, emphasizing that trading is significantly influenced by psychological factors. 

Key Quote: “Trading is really hard but it’s super worth it… it’s 90% mindset.” 

Deep Work and Focus 

Success in trading demands deep work and an unparalleled focus. Arty touched upon his work ethic, mentioning how dedicating time and being completely absorbed in the task at hand is crucial. 

Key Quote: “When I’m in flow, I’m unstoppable… It’s the boring work where the money is made.” 

The Importance of Community 

Both Arty and the FunderPro underscored the value of being part of a trading community. Such communities provide support, enable knowledge sharing, and offer a sense of belonging, which is vital in the often-solitary pursuit of trading. 

Key Quote: “Trading communities… are extremely important, especially with day trading. It’s a really lonely job.” 

Handling Losses and Setbacks 

A significant part of the discussion revolved around dealing with losses. Arty shared his personal experience of losing $10,000, a moment that was both humbling and a turning point in his career. 

Key Quote: “Once you lose a trade, just accept it and move on… Don’t ever try to win it back.” 


The insights from Arty provide a comprehensive look into the world of trading. From the necessity of a solid educational foundation and the simplification of strategies to the importance of mindset, community, and handling setbacks, these insights are invaluable for anyone looking to succeed in trading. 

As Arty aptly puts it, trading is hard, but with the right approach, it’s incredibly rewarding. Let these insights guide you as you navigate your trading journey toward success.

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