Frequently Asked Questions

Global Partnership
What is the FunderPro Global Partnership program?
The FunderPro Global Partnership program is a service infrastructure engineered by FunderPro to allow the easy localization of prop trading tools and support. FunderPro Global partners are not just ambassadors, they effectively represent and own part of the brand.  
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Is a FunderPro Global Partner the same as an Affiliate? 
No, they aren’t. A Global Partner can steward the FunderPro product in his local trading community, offer support, receive training, and suggest improvements that will benefit all stakeholders. Global Partners also have access to more monetization opportunities, such as managing other affiliates.  
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When I become a Partner, will I retain autonomy over my marketing strategies? 
Yes, you will be able to engage with your audience in the way that works best for you. You will need to operate within the brand guidelines and always respect FunderPro’s values, but in general you will be autonomous in how you run things. 
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